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Love Letters

27 June 2024–29 June 2024

Company of Ten



A correspondence that starts with a thank you note continues throughout the lives of Melissa Gardner and Andrew Makepeace Ladd III. The notes and letters follow the characters through school and college, and into their turbulent adult careers and relationships. Transcending success and failure, marriage and divorce, family turmoil and physical distance, their correspondence reveals a deep and lasting connection.

This play was written to be read aloud, with detailed instructions from the playwright about how it should be presented. The actors listen eagerly to each other as they read aloud the letters they wrote over the years, as they might listen to a voice on the radio.

Ticket information

Dates and times
Thursday 27–Saturday 29 June, 8:00pm

Tickets £14
Concessions £12

Credits & acknowledgements

A. R. Gurney
In the:
Produced by:
Company of Ten

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