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Elgar and AliceCompany of Ten
Acoustic Vibes 2024Nathan Smith
Ladies Who LunchEver After Productions
PressureCompany of Ten
Love LettersCompany of Ten


The Abbey Theatre is proud to present a selection of audio plays. Many have been written and performed by members of our resident company, the Company of Ten. All have been produced by our good friends at Radio Verulam. You can listen to them here or, if you prefer, download them from iTunes or via your favourite RSS readerĀ rss-button-26x28. And if you’re interested in writing or acting in audio plays, please get in touch via the usual channels.

The Old Fighting Cocks

Empire of Dirt

Lear and His Daughters

Spaghetti Junction


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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde – Part 2

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde – Part 1