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All Company of Ten auditions are open, which means everyone is free to turn up and be considered, irrespective of previous experience. We are committed to diversity in our casting process.

Bear in mind that if you are cast in a production and are not a member, you’ll have to join.

Details of auditions will be posted below as they become available.

Love Letters by A. R. Gurney
27-29 June 2024, 8pm
Directed by Tina Swain

Melissa Gardner and Andrew Makepeace Ladd III are childhood friends who continue a lifelong correspondence.  As often happens, through their notes and letters, they reveal far more about themselves – their relationships, their secret fears and feelings – than they might tell each other in person. The play begins in the 1930s and follows their lives through school, college and careers to the mid-1980s.  The characters are very clearly American and transposing the text to set it in England is not an option.  There are passing references to historical events which give the action some context, but the focus is very squarely on the personal lives of the two characters.


Both come from wealthy upper middle-class backgrounds, with Melissa’s family regarding themselves as American aristocracy.  They are both well-educated, articulate and opinionated, with North American accents – I imagine them being from the north-east states of New England New York or Pennsylvania, but am happy to discuss this, and find textual references to support an alternative.  I don’t see them as being southern, but they could be west coast.


Playing age is late 50s or older, and there will be no childish voices for the early part of the play, although we will perhaps just indicate this with a lightness of tone.  Vocal range and flexibility will be key to engaging the audience and creating believable characters.


The play was written to be read not performed, with explicit instructions from the playwright about this, which gives it an interesting dynamic.  There will be plenty of time in rehearsal to dissect the dialogue and create a nuanced presentation by the two actors.


Auditions will be on Tuesday 16 April at 8pm and Sunday 21 April at 12 noon, both in the Club Room.  Scripts are available in the Members’ Room, or you can view a pdf of the text online.  Please let me know if neither of the above dates is convenient, and we can make alternative times.
Tina Swain