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Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth

All Company of Ten auditions are open, which means everyone is free to turn up and be considered, irrespective of previous experience.

Bear in mind that if you are cast in a production and are not a member, you’ll have to join.


Scenes of money and death, by Edward Bond

Auditions: Tuesday 4 and Thursday 6 December, 8.00pm, Studio; Sunday 9th December, 11.30am to 1.00pm, Studio

First Rehearsal: Monday 21 January 2019

Performances: 20 to 30 March 2019, Studio

Director Angela Stone writes:

The play tells of Shakespeare’s last months up to his death. It is set at his house – New Place – and other locations in and around Stratford, 1615-1616.


Shakespeare: Age – actually died at 52, but can be played up to 75.

Old Man: WS’s gardener. Was hit on the head by an axe and hasn’t been the same since!

Old Woman: his wife and WS’s housekeeper. Warm, loving, dignified.

Son: 25-40. Religious zealot. Leader of the anti-enclosure group. Full of contradictions.

William Combe: 40-55. Wealthy landowner. Leader of the group pushing to enclose the best land in Stratford, thus depriving the land workers of their livelihood.

Ben Jonson: 40-50. Playwright.

Judith: 30’s+. WS’s daughter. Unhappy, unloved, resentful.

Wally: 20’s-30’s. A follower of the Son.

Jerome: late 30’s-40’s. Land worker and follower of the Son.

Joan: 30’s. Jerome’s wife and land worker.

Young Woman: 18-25. Homeless vagrant. Passing through Stratford from Coventry.

Voice of Anne Hathaway.

Ideally I would like one actor to play Young Woman, Joan and Voice of AH.

Accents: Varieties of West Midlands, with the exception of Ben Jonson who is from London. There are some good examples of Warwickshire and Coventry accents on the web. I won’t be fussed about accents at the auditions.