By joining the Company of Ten you consent to membership of the Abbey Theatre Trust (St Albans) Ltd and agree to be bound by and observe the provisions of its memorandums and Articles of Association and any rules made thereunder.

You also consent to the use of rehearsal/ performance photographs for display on the website and/or appropriate production publicity. If under the age of 16, consent must be given by a parent or guardian.

Membership details are held on computer. You have the right to see your details, and can request to do so via the Membership Executive. 

Your name and contact details will also be published from time to time on the Company of Ten private members’ website unless you notify us otherwise.

If you have provided us with an email address our monthly magazine Prompt Corner will be emailed to you at this address.

Please note that the Abbey Theatre Trust is a company limited by guarantee. This means that in the event of the Trust being wound up while you are a member or any time in the following year, you may be liable to a maximum of £10 in discharge of any debts remaining.