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Office Suite

20 September 2019–28 September 2019

Company of Ten

Main Stage


Alan Bennett’s Office Suite consists of two highly entertaining one-act plays, each with beautifully written characters.

In A Visit from Miss Prothero, a secretary upsets the contented retirement of her former boss with the latest office gossip. In Green Forms, filing clerk Doreen lives in envy of her co-worker’s superior grade and in fear of the advent of new computer systems.

Of the character of Miss Prothero, The Times said: ‘There’s hardly a line that doesn’t make you gulp at the nerve of this prissy, narrow, grudging, fatalistic, bossy, appallingly self-confident woman.’

And The Telegraph said of the plays: ‘Bennett’s dialogue has a lethal sharpness and precision that makes him the Oscar Wilde of northern gentility.’

Ticket information

Dates and times
Friday 20–Saturday 21 September, 8:00pm
Sunday 22 September, 2.30pm
Tuesday 24–Saturday 28 September, 8:00pm

Tickets £13
Concessions £12

Credits & acknowledgements

Alan Bennett
On the:
Main Stage
Produced by:
Company of Ten

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