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Five Kinds of Silence

8 October 2021–16 October 2021

Company of Ten



Billy is dead. Or at least his family hopes he is. After all, they shot him twice just to make sure.

Finally free from a lifetime of abuse, Billy’s wife and daughters struggle to find their new place in the world. But no one reached out to help them while they suffered, and no one seems able to understand what they’re going through now. Billy may be dead, but the memory of him is still very much alive.

A shocking exploration of domestic violence, this is a powerful example of the ‘In-yer-face’ style of drama. The Independent said it was ‘an eloquent play, too emotionally mature for melodrama, that I warmly recommend.’ Varsity raved about the play, with a reviewer calling it ‘one of the most powerful, unsettling and morally complex pieces of theatre I have ever seen.’

This play has strong language and adult themes.


Ticket information

Dates and times

Friday 8–Saturday 16 October 2021, 8:00pm
Sunday 10 October, 2:30pm

Tickets £13
Concessions £12

Credits & acknowledgements

Shelagh Stephenson
In the:
Produced by:
Company of Ten

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