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Theatre bids farewell to live streaming

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Posted on: 12 August 2021

From the beginning of our new season in September, the Abbey Theatre will no longer offer live-streaming as an alternative to in-theatre productions.

In recent months, the cost of obtaining licences for both in-theatre and live-stream performances has increased significantly, while the uptake of live-stream has dropped off as people start attending live events in person. Unfortunately, if we wished to continue offering the service, we would have to make major investment, not only in live-stream licences but also in equipment and training of our members.

We know this decision will be disappointing for some of our loyal customers who have enjoyed being able to watch from the comfort of their own homes, but we feel we need to concentrate our resources on live theatre after eighteen months of virtual engagement.

We hope that, if you are able to do so, you’ll return to see one of our productions in either the main theatre or the Studio. We’re really excited to be able to welcome you back. If you have any concerns about being in a crowded space, please check our schedule for the first two Company of Ten productions, where socially distanced performances are offered on the Thursday in the middle of the run.

Our FAQs have been updated with the current protocols, so click here to see them.

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