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Thriller featuring ‘dark deeds’ on now

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Posted on: 3 October 2019

The Company of Ten presents their first Studio production this week, Martin Crimp’s chilling Dealing with Clair.

This darkly humorous thriller digs deep beneath the apparently civilised veneer of a contemporary society to unearth suburban greed, moral dilemmas and very dark deeds indeed.

Estate agent Clair has secured a buyer for Mike and Liz’s over-priced and still escalating London home. However a cash offer is proposed by a charming and persuasive late comer to the negotiations called James. But does he really have the money? And why is he so interested in Clair’s private life?

Martin Goodman directs this accomplished thriller and says, ‘With its two core themes of money and murder, the premise of Martin Crimp’s drama may seem bleak but this sharply written drama is all served up with a very generous dollop of knowing humour. And one thing’s for certain – everyone seems to be out to make a killing.’

You can book tickets for the play here.

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