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A small number of our customers are experiencing difficulty when resetting their account passwords or trying to purchase tickets when using the Safari browser on an Apple Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Typically, these problems occur when a customer requests to reset their password, clicks on the link in the reset password email sent out by our Box Office system, and then gets redirected back to the login screen rather than to the change password page – so that they don’t get the opportunity to enter a new password.

At other times customers may see a message telling them that they need to enable cookies on their browser.

The reason for these issues is that Apple has changed the way that the Safari browser works in order to improve your security. If these issues are affecting you, we apologise for any inconvenience caused whilst our Box Office system developers implement a permanent solution.

In the meantime there are several workarounds you can try:

Use a temporary password

We have updated the password reset email that we send you to additionally contain a temporary password that you can use to login to your account.

If you get stuck in a loop and keep getting redirected back to the login screen whenever you click the change password link in the reset password email, then use this temporary password instead.

The next time you request to reset your password DO NOT click on the change password link in the New Password email that is sent to you but instead copy the temporary password from this email and then paste it into the Temporary Password Field on the Forgotten Password page which looks like this:

Use a private browsing session

You can try accessing our website using a private browsing session which prevents the tracking information from being saved on your device.

In Safari on an iPhone or iPad, open a new browsing window by clicking on the two overlapping squares icon at the top or bottom right side of the screen then click Private to open a private browsing window.

In the Safari app on a Mac open a private browsing window by selecting File > New Private Window.

Then navigate to our website at in the usual way. When you have finished your purchase, close the private browsing window.

Temporarily uncheck the Prevent Cross-Site Tracking setting

You can temporarily stop Safari from preventing ad tracking whilst you are visiting our website to buy tickets.

On an iPhone or iPad, go to your device Settings and scroll down until you find the Safari settings. Click on this and then under the section headed Privacy and Security turn off the setting labelled ‘Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’.

In the Safari app on a Mac choose Safari > Preferences then click Privacy and deselect the ‘Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’ option.

Then navigate to our website at in the usual way. Remember to re-enable ‘Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’ once you have finished.

Use a different browser

At present these issues only appear to affect users of the Safari browser so if you have another browser such as Chrome or Firefox installed, try using that instead. However, note that the manufacturers of these other browsers may well implement similar changes to their browsers to thwart ad tracking and improve your security so the problem might eventually affect other browsers too.