Don’t lose ‘Time’ – play must end tonight!


Our first Main Stage production of the year, Time and the Conways, must close tonight.

The play was reviewed in the Herts Ad as being ‘absorbing’, and rated for performances that were ‘wholeheartedly committed’, ‘a masterclass’, ‘particularly impressive’ and ‘a fine performance.’

A gripping family drama and a fascinating portrait of Britain between the wars, JB Priestley’s play was inspired by the writer J.W. Dunne’s theory that all time takes place simultaneously, and in certain circumstances – for example, when we dream – it’s possible to catch sight of our future.

So while the first and last acts of the play follow the six Conway siblings at a family birthday party in 1919, the middle act shows us a glimpse of the future that awaits them in 1938.

“All but one of our cast is playing different versions of the same person almost 20 years apart, which is a real test of skill,” says director Mark Waghorn.

“While costumes and hairstyles help to reflect the changes in their characters’ age and circumstances, the actors also have to consider how the passing of time will have affected the way they move and speak.

“The cast and crew have worked extremely hard to create a sense of slipping seamlessly from one point in time into another, and we really hope our efforts will enhance our audiences’ understanding and enjoyment of the play.”

Tickets for this gentle yet thought-provoking masterpiece can be bought safely and securely online by clicking here.

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