Teens’ Romeo+Juliet is on this week


The Company of Teens’ version of Shakespeare’s Romeo+Juliet is on this week.

The Teens’ version of the play is set very firmly in the modern world, where young people constantly ‘update’ and ‘share’ with each other.

Co-director Philip Reardon explains, “The Montagues and Capulets are still at war, and the ‘star-crossed lovers’ still take their own lives. It’s an old story, yet it feels relevant today.

“The immediacy of first love is emphasised by the instant connections that young people have at their fingertips. The consequences of miscommunication feel even more crushing in a world obsessed with being connected.”

Co-director Ian Jordan points out, “Instant gratification is at the heart of this story. Romeo and Juliet want to be together now, Capulet wants his daughter married now, fatal decisions are made now.

“We hope to highlight with this production that an obsession with having it all now can have dire consequences.”

Performances take place on Thursday 16 and 17 on our Main Stage. You can book tickets safely and securely online here.

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