‘The Real Thing’ by Tom Stoppard is on now


Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing is on our Main Stage now, running until Saturday 5 March.

In the play, Stoppard teams his trademark wordplay with pop songs to tell the ingenious story of a scriptwriter. Henry writes a play about a collapsing marriage only to find his own marriage keeling over. What exactly is ‘the real thing’?

As The Telegraph says, ‘You couldn’t ask for a more deeply felt, or more deeply affecting, drama about love than this… The Real Thing is indeed the genuine article – a play of strength, grace, melancholy and wit.’

Stoppard is known for a dazzling array of plays and screenplays including Arcadia, The Real Inspector Hound, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Shakespeare in Love.

You can book your tickets online here.

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