‘Parlour Song’ – your last chance to see


Parlour Song, an explosive black comedy by local playwright Jez Butterworth, must end this Saturday (30 April).

The play has been well received, with the Herts Ad describing it as ‘one of the best productions the St Albans drama company has put on in the Studio for some time’.

Director Angela Stone says: ‘Butterworth writes with compassion about the imploding marriage of two ordinary people, who hate what they have become.

‘He has an unerring ear for the banalities of lower-middle-class conversation, and the way men use matey cliches and expletives as a shield against intimacy.

‘This is not a play for those who find the vernacular shocking. However, although the swear words and adult conversation may initially shock some sensibilities, without them, the talk would not ring true.

‘These are people we might have met, experiencing emotions we might have had, and expressing themselves in everyday speech. They make us both laugh and cry.’

The few remaining tickets for the play can be bought online here.

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