Leesen carefully – it’s on now!


Theatregoers who like their comedy served with lashings of slapstick and sexual innuendo are in for a treat with Allo ’Allo on the Main Stage.

Like the hit TV show, the stage production follows the misadventures of French café-owner René Artois as he attempts to juggle the demands of his wife, two mistresses, the occupying German forces, two British airmen and the French Resistance.

Fans will be glad to see that the best-loved characters, gags and catchphrases from the TV version are all present and correct, from the Englishman-disguised-as-a-gendarme Crabtree with his famous greeting, “Good Moaning”, to Resistance leader Michelle’s, “Leesen very carefully, I shall say zis only once.”

But there are some key differences between the TV show and the Company of Ten production, says director Nick Tarrant.

“As a stage text, ’Allo ’Allo presents some interesting challenges. For a start, the characters are well known to many of the audience, but of course the faces and voices on our stage aren’t the same.

“Jokes that work in camera close-up need very different delivery in live theatre, and a storyline that sustains a half-hour episode within a series has to be significantly adapted for a standalone piece three times as long.

“Every stage presentation is unique and this production will certainly be that – we just trust the audience will sit back and enjoy the ride!”

Tickets can be booked online, safely and securely, here.

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