Last chance to get caught up in The Vortex


Our production of Noel Coward’s early play, The Vortex, must end this weekend. So if you haven’t caught this treat yet, book now while tickets are still available.

The play was reviewed by Madeleine Burton in this week’s Herts Advertiser.

She said that it was ‘remarkably modern, dealing with subjects which contemporary audiences tend to think of as their own – promiscuity and drug addiction with a hint of homosexuality.’

Ms Burton also congratulated performances for being ‘marvellous’ and ‘fine’, and said that the casting demonstrates ‘there is plenty of young talent around.’

This is the last production of the Company of Ten’s 80th season, so don’t miss out.

To ensure your trip into Coward’s dazzling but ambiguous Jazz Age, click here for tickets.

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