‘Geektastic’ musical is on this week


The geeks are about to inherit the earth in the pop-rock fantasy, Loserville, for three days only from Thursday 6 April.

Performed by St. Albans Youth Music Theatre, the show was written by James Bourne of Busted fame, along with writer and composer Elliot Davis.

As a teenager, director Katy Jane Meehan was a great fan of Busted. “When they split in 2005 I was devastated. However, it wasn’t long before before their solo ventures started to appear.

“The one album that really stuck with me was the result of Bourne’s venture with his new band, Son of Dork. It was called Welcome to Loserville, and I spent many an hour bopping around my bedroom while listening to its upbeat pop-rock tracks!”

Set in 1971, Loserville is the story of 17 year old misfit super-geek, Michael Dork. Michael and his friends are planning to change the world and get out of Loserville. Michael dreams of creating a system that enables computers to talk to each other.

Constantly picked on by Eddie, the coolest boy in school, Michael has also discovered girls, specifically one girl called Holly. If only he had the courage to talk to her…..

Loserville tickets can be booked online here.

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