‘Exciting’ Tom & Viv is on this week

Audiences at the Company of Ten’s upcoming production of Tom & Viv – which opens at the Abbey Theatre Studio this Thursday – are to be given a rare insight into the mysteries of the theatrical process.
In director Tim Hoyle’s staging of the play about TS Eliot’s disastrous first marriage, much of the activity that usually takes place behind the scenes, including some costume and prop changes, will take place at the side of the stage.
The minimal set has no wings – so actors waiting to enter will often be in full view of the audience – and, in an unusual move, raked seating is positioned against the far wall of the Studio, giving a view into the lighting and sound boxes.
The aim of this unique approach is to remind the audience that, although the play is loosely based on fact, it is primarily a piece of theatre.
“The play is inspired by real people and events, but the playwright, Michael Hastings, admitted that many scenes are invented or involve characters who were not there at the time,” says Tim.
“By showing the audience some of the processes that are typically hidden from view, we are making it clear that this is a drama not a documentary. We hope it will also make the play even more exciting to watch.”
Performances take place in our Studio from Thursday 24 to Saturday 26 April at 8pm, on Sunday 27 April at 2.30pm, and from Wednesday 30 April to Saturday 3 May at 8pm. To book tickets safely and securely, click here.

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