Eclipsed brings ‘pure joy’ to the Studio this week


We begin 2016 in dramatic style this week with our production of Eclipsed by Patricia Burke Brogan.

Set in 1963, Eclipsed tells the story of four inmates of a Magdalene laundry in a fictional place called Killmacha. The truth about the Magdalene laundries has been much publicised in recent years, most notably in two films, The Magdalene Sisters and Philomena, the latter starring Judi Dench.

Despite the serious themes of the play, the humanity of the ‘penitents’ and their compassion for each other shines through. There are moments of pure joy and humour as the women escape into realms of fantasy and mild rebellion, with interludes of song and dance.

Director Nick Strudwick said: ‘It has given me tremendous pleasure to see the development of the relationship between the four main characters.’

Tickets can be booked online here.

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