Could you direct at the Abbey Theatre?


Could you direct a play for our resident company, the Company of Ten? The Company is looking to increase its pool of directors, and even has a couple of plays in the forthcoming season up for grabs.

The qualities the Company are looking for in a director include: previous experience of directing, the ability to develop a vision for a play; and a basic understanding of theatre practitioners and their philosophies.

You must also have a way with people, the ability to inspire others and sound organisational skills.

Successful applicants will be offered an experienced mentor who’ll work with them at every stage of the journey. So don’t worry if you don’t know your way around the Company and the theatre. We’ll make sure that nothing goes awry.

If you’re interested send an email with details of your experience to our Production Executive, Philip Reardon, at production@abbeytheatre.org.uk. Best of luck!

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