Calendar Girls: PARKING UPDATE

Now the new leisure centre is open, and the old one is being demolished to make way for the new car parks, you may have more difficulty finding parking. 

To assist our customers, we have made an arrangement with BAM Construct and Premier Foods, who have offices across the road, to use their car parks during performances.

Our only request is that you don’t take advantage of our arrangement with these two companies, who have very generously allowed us to use their private parking.  Please do not leave your vehicle parked there when not attending the Abbey Theatre for a performance of Calendar Girls.

To access this car park:

If coming from the South down St Stephen’s Hill (Chiswell Green, Watford, M1, M25, A405, A414), turn right at the roundabout at the bottom of St Stephen’s Hill. If coming from the North down Holywell Hill (central St Albans, Harpenden), turn left at the roundabout at the bottom of St Stephen’s Hill.


First right, opposite Sainsbury’s petrol station (next to McDonalds). Then first right again, into the car park behind the offices. Please do not park in the section behind the first building, but proceed to the areas behind the other three buildings and park in one of the marked bays.

To reach the theatre:

Head towards the corner closest to the road, which will bring you to steps and a ramp near the roundabout. From here you will see the theatre diagonally opposite, next to the new leisure centre. You can cross here and take the path from the opposite corner next to the theatre, but there is no controlled crossing here. (It is a shorter route.)


For pedestrian crossings, go a short distance towards Sainsbury’s and cross at the zebra crossing. Keep on the side opposite the theatre until you pass St Albans Abbey Station, then cross Prospect Road and use the pedestrian crossing opposite the front of the new leisure centre. Walk along the front of the new centre, and up the pedestrian route between the new building and the construction site.

Advantages of this arrangement are:

1. Less hassle finding a parking space
2. Car park is well-maintained and lit, with clearly marked bays
3. Parking is free for the duration of your stay while at the theatre
4. Probably as close, if not closer, to the theatre than the main car park on site

Disadvantages are:

1. You have to cross at least one road to reach the theatre, so please take care

Dropping off

It is possible to drop off passengers at the side of the theatre, but please be aware that this is now a cul-de-sac, and you will have to turn round and go back the same way. We would encourage you not to do this unless absolutely necessary, as congestion is a problem.

Disabled parking

If you have a blue ‘disabled parking’ badge, there are five marked bays behind the old swimming pool, and we have created some more in the cul-de-sac right next to the theatre. Please be considerate of others, and leave a turning space at the end for those wishing to drop off and turn around.

Please note: parking is at your own risk. The Abbey Theatre, BAM Construct UK and Premier Foods have no liability for damage or injury sustained as a result of this arrangement.


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