All Company of Ten auditions are open, which means everyone is free to turn up and be considered, irrespective of previous experience. Please bear in mind that if you are cast in a production and are not a member, you’ll have to join. For further information, please contact us here,  labelling your mail with the header ‘Auditions’. Best of luck!

A Number, by Caryl Churchill



A father loses his wife in a tragic accident while his son is still very young. His grief is immense and he cannot cope with raising his young son alone – what does he do?

A son discovers he has been cloned, and is one of a number of versions of himself. What does he do?

This short play by one of our greatest and most prolific playwrights is not a study of the rights and wrongs of cloning, but an examination of personal grief and family relationships.


Key dates

Auditions will be held in the Foyer on Thursday 17th January at 8pm and on Sunday 20th January at 2pm.

Rehearsals will be on Wednesday and Thursday evenings beginning 13th February. There will be Sunday rehearsals nearer to the production dates.

Performance dates are Wednesday 17 April to Saturday 27 April 2013. (There’s a matinee on Sunday 21st and no performance on Monday 22nd.)



Salter: The father. Said to be in his sixties
Bernard (B2): Salter’s son. Discovers he has been cloned
Bernard (B1): Salter’s son
Michael: Salter’s son

We are looking for one actor to play Salter, and one actor to play all his sons. We are not particularly set on any specific ages for either character, but are looking for two actors who can realistically play father and son.


Suddenly Last Summer, by Tennessee Williams



Wealthy divorcee Violet Venables is mourning the loss of her only and much-beloved son, Sebastian, who died suddenly the previous year while taking a trip to Europe with his cousin Catharine. Violet is in denial about the events surrounding her son’s death who, according to a now traumatised Catharine, was killed and devoured by a group of local boys.

Violet wants to silence Catharine and her ‘vile account’ for good by having her lobotomised and offers medical funding to Doctor Cukrowicz if he will perform the operation. In addition, there is pressure from Catharine’s family to comply with Violet’s wishes because they will not inherit Sebastian’s legacy unless Catherine is committed to an asylum.


Key dates

Auditions will be held on January 20th [Stage] at 2pm, January 22nd [Clubroom] at 8pm and January 24th [Stage] at 8pm.

Rehearsals will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. There will be Sunday rehearsals nearer to the production dates.

Performance dates are Wednesday 6 June to Saturday 16 June 2013. (There’s a matinee on Sunday 9th and no performance on Monday 10th.)



There are three main roles and four supporting roles which are equally demanding in terms of characterisation but less so in terms of time commitment. As the play is set in New Orleans, it presents the additional challenge of performing in a Southern American accent – except for the Nurse – but not to worry because voice coaching will be given.

Violet Venables (50+)
Catharine Holly ( 20s+)
Dr. Cukrowicz ( 30+)

George Holly: Catharine’s Brother (20s+)
Mrs Holly: Catharine and George’s mother (50+)
Mrs Foxhill: Mrs Venables’ secretary (30+)
Sister Felicity: Responsible for the care of Catharine (30+)

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