‘The Old Fighting Cocks’ now available online


Taking its inspiration from the memorials found in the streets around St Albans Abbey, ‘The Old Fighting Cocks’ by Mial Pagan follows the fortunes of three young men who sign up and go off to fight.

It can be heard here.

They call themselves ‘The Old Fighting Cocks’ after their local pub where landlord Robert Clifford is their father figure.

The men talk about the prospect of war, their excitement at joining up to serve King and Country as well as their hopes, fears and worry for those they are leaving behind.

As the play progresses, Clifford (the narrator) reflects on his own days in the army and the conversations turn to the victories and tragedies of the conflict. There’s an inevitable loss of life: some locals never make it home and others return badly affected by their experiences.

The play was recorded by Radio Verulam in December 2017.

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