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by jez butterworth

Director Jenny Kilcast writes:

CASTING READINGS: Tuesday 25 and Thursday 27 July in The Clubroom at 8pm. There will also be recalls on Sunday 30 July.

REHEARSALS: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from Monday 4 September, with the addition of Sunday rehearsals from 1 October.

PERFORMANCES: 8 – 18 November.

Set in the rural heart of this ‘green and pleasant land’, the play shows its dirty and unattractive underbelly. Against a backdrop of St George’s Day celebrations, Morris dancers and May Queens, we meet Johnny ‘Rooster’ Byron and his gang of ‘outcasts, leeches, undesirables’. Where wild flowers bloom and sunlight dapples through new-leafed trees, we see disaffected youth, poverty, violence, and broken homes.

This play is a very character-driven piece, with some wonderful roles for a range of actors. I am looking to cast 8M with playing ages ranging from teen – 70s , and 6F teen – 50s.

The character breakdown below is a guide only. If the ‘attitude’ is right the playing ages can be much more flexible.This is particularly true of the character Rooster.

Phaedra: F, teens, fey-like and pretty. Will need to sing unaccompanied but will be given assistance with that, so please don’t panic if you’re not a singer!

Ms Fawcett: F, 30-40s. By-the-book civil servant. Could be cross-cast with Dawn.

Mr Parsons: M, 30-50s. Fawcett’s colleague, less confident and self-assured. Could be cross-cast with Troy Whitworth.

Johnny ‘Rooster’ Bryon: M, 40-50s. A legend, a storyteller, a hero, a….drunk, a squatter, and a drug-dealer. He’s all of that, with a bit of Oberon, Begbie, Robin Hood and Compo thrown in.

Ginger: M, 30s. Johnny’s sidekick, or at least, Hanger-on-In-Chief. Considers himself a DJ. No one else does.

Professor: M, 70s. The group’s intellectual and philosopher. His memory is failing.

Lee: M, 20s. Leaving for Australia the next day, hoping for a better life.

Davey: M, 20s. Lee’s best mate. Unlike Lee, never wants to leave Wiltshire and is content with his lot.

Pea: F, teens, hangs around Johnny’s caravan for the drink and drugs.

Tanya: F, teens, another hanger on. Mates with Pea; fancies Lee.

Wesley: M, 40-50s. Pub landlord and reluctant Morris Dancer.

Dawn: F, 30-40s. Johnny’s ex, mother to…

Marky: M, child. Johnny’s son. Sees little of his father.

Troy Whitworth: M, 40-50s. Phaedra’s stepfather. Unpleasant and aggressive.

Scripts will be available from the members room from Monday 3rd July. Please read and return asap.

I am very excited by this project and look forward to seeing many of you at the castings. If however, you can’t make any of the casting readings do let me know and I will arrange to see you on an alternative date. Also if you have any other questions, queries or offers of help backstage please contact me at jennykilcast@gmail.com.


Adapted by Ron Nicol from the story by Hans Christian Andersen

Director Tina Swain writes:

Casting readings for our Christmas production take place on at 8pm on 29 & 31 August in the Club Room. This delightful adaptation goes back to the original story for many of its characters, and it can be staged with a minimum of 12 actors, most of whom will play two or three parts.

Old Troll: Principal of a school for mischievous trolls

Trolls: Probably three in total, who will also play a number of other parts

Gerda: A young girl who sets off in search of her kidnapped friend

Kai (pronounced Kay): Gerda’s best friend until kidnapped by the Snow Queen

Grandmother: Gerda’s grandmother also looks after Kai

Snow Queen: An ice-cold, heartless and powerful sorceress, grand and commanding

Enchantress: Friendly but rather sentimental and selfish

Wild Crow: Faithful and loyal friend to Gerda

Three Soldiers: Inept comedy duo and their Sergeant who is rather like Windsor Davis

Tame Crow: Very well-educated and well-spoken fiancée of Wild Crow

Princess: Believes herself to be immensely clever, devoted to her new husband –

Prince: Who is exactly like his wife

Court Ladies: Two dressed exactly alike, they even speak in unison

Robber band: Three members; like the soldiers, they are inept and bumbling

Old Hag: Leader of the robber band and mother to –

Robber Girl: Cruel and unfeeling, but transformed by the power of Gerda’s friendship

Reindeer: Downtrodden and put-upon but helps Gerda find her way to the North Pole

Lapp woman: Helps Gerda and gives her an introduction to –

Finn woman: Who reveals the truth about Gerda’s power to overcome the Snow Queen

The performance dates are 13–29 December 2017.