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Director Chris Bramwell writes:

The Effect was premiered at the NT’s Cottesloe ​Theatre in November 2012 and subsequently won Best New Play at the Critic’s Circle Theatre Awards.

Charles Spencer writing in the Daily Telegraph said, ‘The play struck me as being both wise and sane, raising more questions than it answers… but that seems a sign of integrity in a work dealing with such a complex subject. The Effect…as well as being a play of ideas,..is also deeply moving.’

The play is set in a clinic where volunteers are given doses of a particular drug and their responses tabulated and analysed – in  this case, the drug is an anti-depressant.

So on one level the play is an exploration of the morality and wisdom of such a trial-based system. On another deeper and more emotional level, it is a play about love, how it is triggered and then sustained.

Of the many questions at the heart of the play is to what extent does the drug contribute to the feelings developing between the two volunteers? While this is being explored the other two protagonists in the play (both doctors) are involved in a personal and moral examination of the ethics of what is actually being done in the clinic.

I should add that although this will be treated with impeccable taste and sensitivity, this is a sexually explicit play with particular reference to the characters of Connie and Tristan.

Dr Lorna James, 47 years
Dr Toby Sealey, 45 years
Connie Hall, 26 years
Tristan Frey, 30 years
Casting Readings:
September 26, 8.00pm, Clubroom
September 28, 8.00pm, Clubroom
October 1, 2.00pm, Clubroom


Adapted by Ron Nicol from the story by Hans Christian Andersen

Director Tina Swain writes:

Casting readings for our Christmas production take place on at 8pm on 29 & 31 August in the Club Room. This delightful adaptation goes back to the original story for many of its characters, and it can be staged with a minimum of 12 actors, most of whom will play two or three parts.

Old Troll: Principal of a school for mischievous trolls

Trolls: Probably three in total, who will also play a number of other parts

Gerda: A young girl who sets off in search of her kidnapped friend

Kai (pronounced Kay): Gerda’s best friend until kidnapped by the Snow Queen

Grandmother: Gerda’s grandmother also looks after Kai

Snow Queen: An ice-cold, heartless and powerful sorceress, grand and commanding

Enchantress: Friendly but rather sentimental and selfish

Wild Crow: Faithful and loyal friend to Gerda

Three Soldiers: Inept comedy duo and their Sergeant who is rather like Windsor Davis

Tame Crow: Very well-educated and well-spoken fiancée of Wild Crow

Princess: Believes herself to be immensely clever, devoted to her new husband –

Prince: Who is exactly like his wife

Court Ladies: Two dressed exactly alike, they even speak in unison

Robber band: Three members; like the soldiers, they are inept and bumbling

Old Hag: Leader of the robber band and mother to –

Robber Girl: Cruel and unfeeling, but transformed by the power of Gerda’s friendship

Reindeer: Downtrodden and put-upon but helps Gerda find her way to the North Pole

Lapp woman: Helps Gerda and gives her an introduction to –

Finn woman: Who reveals the truth about Gerda’s power to overcome the Snow Queen

The performance dates are 13–29 December 2017.