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by Joe Penhall

Director Jo Emery writes:

This play will be performed in the Studio from 6 to 16 June 2018. Rehearsals are scheduled to begin on Monday 9 April. Auditions will be held on Tuesday 6 March at 8pm in the Studio, and on Thursday 8 March at 8pm in the Club Room.


Barry, a TV comic: playing age 40 – 55
Greg (alias John) a young red top Investigations Editor: playing age 20 – 35
Liz (alias Jane), Greg’s junior assistant: playing age 18 – 30

The play is a darkly comic satire about tabloid journalism and the mechanisms of entrapment. It confronts questions of ethics, exploitation and personal morality in a culture where humiliating celebrities has become a national pastime.

In the playwright’s own words, Dumb Show is “about what happens in the absolute absence of compassion, where society is becoming a vacuum devoid of any real empathy and sympathy, where the only thing that’s left is an utterly plasticised, platitudinous and prurient tabloid sentimentality.”

This play’s tempo is sharp, fast paced, edgy and funny, and the plot twists rapidly. The actors need to present excellent comic timing, a wide range of emotions that can change quickly and a willingness to improvise during rehearsals.

The roles are complex and substantial and should provide a challenge for any character actors.