All Company of Ten auditions are open, which means everyone is free to turn up and be considered, irrespective of previous experience.

Please bear in mind that if you are cast in a production and are not a member, you’ll have to join.

For further information, contact manager@abbeytheatre.org.uk, labelling your mail with the header ‘Auditions’.


Director Sally Davis writes:

This is a beautifully-written, bittersweet drama. Don Baker is an aspiring songwriter who leaves home against his controlling mother’s wishes to rent an apartment in Manhattan. There, he meets his ‘quirky kooky’ neighbour, Jill, and they form a special relationship – until  his mother visits unexpectedly and tries to put a spanner in the works.

CAST (ages are indicative only)

DON BAKER, 25- 30. Don is a good looking, well-read, talented young man. He has been blind since birth and as far as he’s concerned it’s not a problem. It would be brilliant if the actor could play a few chords on the guitar – but if you can’t, don’t be put off.

JILL TANNER, early 20’s. Jill is a pretty, free-spirited, witty would-be actress who doesn’t let much bother her. She is inclined to be flirtatious and promiscuous, but is afraid of commitment.

MRS BAKER, 45-55. Mrs Baker is the attractive, snobbish, over-protective mother of Don. She is extremely judgemental. Her sarcastic comments are generally aimed towards Jill.

RALPH AUSTIN, 30-40. Ralph is a loud, flamboyant, slightly conceited theatrical director inclined to go over the top with what he considers to be good ideas. This is an ideal small cameo role for someone who only wishes to participate with a minimum amount of rehearsals.

AUDITIONS take place on 19 and 20 June in the Studio at 8pm. Scripts are available in the members room.